i9300 case R4I GOLD PLUS R4 R4I GOLD R4i 3DS DS LL XL revolution DSL DSI slow-motion Real-Time-Save

r4i gold plus is a new enhanced product of

New Features:

Slow-Motion Funtion

The weapon of Action games and Shooting games
More multi-level speed options
More accurate speed control


Real-Time-Save can be revived without limit, so you will not be afraid of replaying games.
Real-Time-Save?is also called RTS,i9300 case.
You can save the current game state at any time in the game. When a failure occurs or the console is turned off, you jusst need to read the last Real-Time-Save to revive and continue the game. It is the players’ dream function,r4i gold carte.

Real-time-Guide Function

Playing games over watching the guide.
Guide is free to switch.

Double Cracking Mechanism

Intergration of the new cracking mechanism first time makes cracking possible,M3I ZERO, with the official patch datebase, it doubles the insurance.
If you cannot run new games, press and hold button A to enter games, and the second cracking mechanism will be turned on,r4i sdhc 3ds.

Easy File Operation

You can cut, copy, paste and delete the files on the memory crad freely, which can make you do some easy file operations conveniently without a computer.

Firmware Upgrade without a Console

Luxury Edition comes with a seperate card writer, which solves the card firmware’s unsuccessful upgrade caused by the console’s being upgraded. Upgrade can be detached from a DS console compeletly, and no longer limited by the upgrade of the console,r4i-sdhc 3ds.
USB interface, plug and play. 
Fully applicable to XP/VISTA/WIN 7/MAC and other computer equipment.

WIFI Real-time Online Kernel Upgrade

The card supports WIFI online software upgrade without a computer. Where there is WIFI, where you can upgrade your R4 card,r4i 3ds
Support the latest games. 
Easy to use. 
Make enjoy one step ahead.


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