How to update r4i gold 3ds card for 3DS V4.5.0-10 and DSi V1.45

If you need to update your r4i gold 3ds for 3DS V4.5.0-10 or DSi V1.45, just follow this guide,DSTWO. By the way, the r4i gold 3ds in this guide official site is, check more details from here:

You can use any DS lite console to update the r4i gold 3ds card. In this guide, i will use my DS lite to update my r4i gold card

You can use DSi console to do the update,3k3y PS3, as long as your dsi version is lower than V1,45.

You can use 3DS XL or 3DS console to do the update, as long as your 3ds console version is lower than V4.5,supercard dstwo.0-10.

Let’s get it started,r4i sdhc 3ds!

Get a SD card, format it.

Download the latest wood firmware from .?? Look at the pic below.? currently the latest wood firmware is V1.56

After you download it, you will get the rar file.

Extract it

Open the folder

You can copy all of them into your sd card, or you can just copy the rpg folder and DS Menu file into your sd card. Make sure put them on the root directtory of your sd card.

Download the update patch, look at the pic below, just click the update icon to download it.

Get the rar file.

Extract it

Open the folder

In this guide, i am using a DS lite to do the update, so i will copy this one “R4iGold_3DS45_NDSi145_Patch_NDSL.nds”? to the root of the sd card. if you use a DSi or 3DS to do the update, just use the other one named “R4iGold_3DS45_NDSi145_Patch_NDSi.nds”

After you put all the files on the sd card, contents below

ok,R4i 3DS, its time to put the sd card and your r4i gold in your DS lite, turn on and you will see the wood menu.

Access the sd card folder

Click the update patch file start the update process

Up screen

Bottom Screen

Take out the r4i gold 3ds card and reinsert it into the ds lite. Then press A? to go on.

if you use a DSi or 3ds, you don’t need to take out the r4i gold and just press A.

Just wait and until Update complete.? Make sure do not power off the console during the update process,ACE3DS PLUS.

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