3DS card hotsale – 3DS game card + 2GB kingston fit N3DS and DSi perfectly

3DS card – Nintendo 3DS game card + 2GB Kingston

3DS card made by n3dscard.com, is also called 3DS game card or 3DS flashcard.It is anewslot-1 cartridgeforNintendo3DS consolewith a rewritable Flash Memory inside. This 3DS game cardis expected to show up immediately after the 3DS releases in Japan. Regular Nintendo 3DS Card has a Read Only Memory inside (3DS ROM) plus a small rewritable memory chip for storing game data, as 3DS games card. It is more easy to use and more comfortable for users.

Watch R4i SDHC 3DS Working in Nintendo 3DS console !

can store multiple Nintendo 3DS ROM files and Save Games, MP3s, Movies and Emulators.

What can we expect from a 3DS Flashcard? Our ideal Nintendo 3DS card be it R4 3DS, R3D Gold, AceKard 3DS, SuperCard DSTREE or M3D besides being able to play backup copies ofNintendo 3DS games(3DS roms). 3DS games card will also be backward compatible withNDS, DS Lite, DSi & XL.This 3DS Flash Card CARDRIGHT will allow anyone to launch downloaded games, run homebrew applications and play media directly from Nintendo 3DS card Slot-1. On PC or Mac you will copy files onto a microSD or SDHC memory card – insert the microSD into your 3DS games card, slide this 3DS flash card into your 3DS, turn the system on and play.Full compatibility with 100% of 3DS games and 3DS Ware titles + backward compatibility with DSiWare and NDS roms can be achieved by implementing Wi-Fi updates for the game and cheat code database. Above is the basic information of 3DS flash card.

3DS card features:

  • Plug & play – no hacking of the 3DS required
  • 100% compatibility, supports clean ROM – works on all operating system functions
  • Supports MicroSDHC high capacity memory cards up to 32GB in size
  • NDS and 3DS rom Save type automatically detected, without applying any database type
  • SaveGames stored directly to MicroSD rather than to use onboard flash
  • Simple, easily customizable user interface. Both the touch screen and keyboard support
  • Uses microSD, MicroSDHC & SDXC cards, FAT16 and FAT32, NTFS, exFAT
  • Excellent homebrew compatibility
  • Moonshell for multimedia functions offer
  • Supports Wi-Fi, DS rumble pack and DS browser
  • Same size as an original DS / DSi game cartridge
  • Supports different speeds of micro SD cards
  • Upgradable Firmware (OS / Bios / Kernel)
  • Boot clean dump images (downloadable from internet)
  • Built-in PassMe (NO need for any boot cartridge / passcard etc.)


3DS Card 2GB Package

  • 1x 3DSgame card from n3dscard.com.
  • 1X 2GB KingstonMemory card.
  • 1xUSB reader / writer
  • 1x Hard protective Box.

You can also choose other packages: 3DS card, 3DS card 4GB, 3DS card 8GB (with 8GB kingston TF card).

Other informations:

Support Multi-media play: Yes, support music,movies,E-book and son.Support MicroSDHC: Yes, up to 32GB. Support Nintendo all consoles: 3DS, DSi V1.4.1, DSi XL, DSi LL, DS and DS lite. 3DS card News

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