The speedy growth of R4i technology has ensured that both the current and future generations can use the rich applications made available on Nintendo platforms.The R4i cards are available in plenty and can be easily purchased from retailers and online as well. The children like them for the multiple gaming options they provide and the elders find these cards as the best solution providers for their different internet and multimedia applications. r4i in effect is suitable for music listening, movie watching, and playing multiple games besides giving large storage space and supporting web based applications.

The R4 card has high compatibility features built into it which makes it adaptable to different versions of the Nintendo based applications.The R4i card completely gives support to the cards of micro SDHC which scale upto 32 GB memory space. When it comes to gaming, the R4i card can support the smallest of SD cards without any hassle. The cards are most popular because of their scalability and expandability for the future. The usage of micro SD cards which are spring less gives the added advantage to these cards. The problem of incompatible spring slots which had troubled the users earlier has now been completely eliminated. On the downloading side these R4 cards provide abundant features. Large mp3 files, movie and gaming files can be easily downloaded. The major benefit is storage of these large sized files does not slow down the system in any way.The r4 card enhances the features of all types of media like audio, video and screen clarity. The cards are compatible for previous versions of media and applications also. This feature gives it an added advantage for the users who are using legacy systems and applications and yet would like to experience the advantages of the next version cards.

Coming to supporting legacy operating systems, the R4 cards are compatible for FAT platform. 16 bit and 32 bit applications can simultaneously without clashing. This ensures that the systems don’t keep hanging when a user switches between a 16bit application and a 32 bit application. Te R4 cards are capable of supporting 64 bit applications also with the same speed and compatibility. The firmware is highly upgradable at the kernel level, BIOS level and at the OS level. The cards support homebrew completely. Saved files are backed up on to the Micro SD cards directly which saves on battery. Many of the online stores on the web sell these multi utility cards at very economical prices. Buyers can logon to any of the website portals to purchase these cards and make payments online which saves on their time to large extents. The online shopping also offers many discounts.

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