Get A Boost In Your Console’s Performance With R4i 3DS

For video game enthusiasts out there, get to know the latest DS card that is suitable for your gaming needs. If you own consoles like Nintendo DS or 3DS and the like, then stick around. Because in this article we will talk about R4i 3DS, how it can boost and set your gadget into its optimum performance. Get to know more about these cards and its added features.

Read on to get a better grip of the cards used in Nintendo console as well as the console itself. Calling gamers stay ahead on the game and try out one of the top cards like Acekard 2i. Know which type of card is suitable for your gaming needs. In this piece of writing we will tackle the different specifications of DS cards available in the market.

The gaming console that we grew up to

Before we know the many gaming consoles that we have today, no one can refute that one of the pioneers of providing excellent gaming experience is Nintendo. Years pass and still the console that we grew up playing with remains a household name in the gaming industry.

Though it is one of the companies that opened up the world to exciting past time games they have proven that they can keep up with the new brooding and high tech consoles that are being released in the market.

Needless to say, they have evolved and relentlessly developed new and exciting offers to their loyal clientele. Today, along with the Nintendo console, they provided a feature like the use of 3DS cards where in you could save the progress of your game and optimize the gadget’s performance as well.

Choosing the correct DS card that is suitable for your gaming needs

R4i 3DS formerly known as R4i SDHC was the first well-matched card for the R4 type. It is considered to be efficient and an economically wise option. Its new releases can be upgraded via the internet. To name some of the consoles it is compatible with, kindly refer to the following: DS, 3Ds, DS lite, DSi, and DSi XL.

Though it is deemed to be a good buy its features do not really measure up with more advanced cards in the market. With its well to do performance even though some features are lacking, we can still say that this card along with its low price, undeniably you got a good deal with it.

If you are looking for a card that has a twofold memory capacity, then you and Acekard 2i is definitely a match. This card has a micro SD memory and NAND as its internal memory making it a whole lot faster than other cards.

It is also the first DSi released card and evaluated as one of the greatest DSi cards you will find. It can also be updated thus allowing gamers to play games on the new Nintendo 3DS console. Its consistency is increased with is built in NAND memory thus slashing loading times.

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