Gamer Or No-Gamer : The R4i SDHC Is For You Nintendo’s lack of memory

Widely accepted as the most popular handheld gaming system on the market today, the Nintendo DS has been making waves in the media with their R4i SDHC accessibility. Not only can you plug these cards into cameras, computers, Wii’s, but now the Nintendo DS as well. This should be an indication of the direction the video gaming is heading; working harder to integrate the wants and needs of consumers and sacrificing potential profits they could lose to pirated games.

Most DS owners now operate with an R4 card because the two have became a pretty common combination. Once you’ve got the two together, a world of videos, songs, e-books, and applications becomes unlocked at the tip of your fingers.

This stemmed from the biggest complaint any DS owner can have, the lack of enough memory. You want to access all your games at your fingertips, so porting all the saves back and forth between a computer or some external HD is too much work for the average gamer. The internal memory simply can’t withhold all the data from hardcore gamers and it causes a lot to be sacrificed. The integration of the R4i SDHC means you can have up to 32GB of removable storage available at all times for your gaming needs. This doesn’t have to all be put towards save files though. In the R4 card you can keep e-books, music, applications, homebrews, videos,etc. and they can all be accessed from the DS.

Low cost deserves low cost

Being as the Nintendo DS is among the cheapest, high-end consoles, it makes sense that you’d like lower-cost accessories to go along with it. This doesn’t mean tools that sacrifice in quality, but rather ones that are in a price range agreeing with your purchase. It wouldn’t make sense buying a card that costs twice as much as the console itself. To remedy this, the R4 card is offered at amazing prices that set them apart from other types of storage devices. The card is entirely worth its cost and this is great for consumers with all budget types.

It doesn’t end there

After all this card has offered, you might be surprised to learn that there’s more. Most favored is the performance boost the tiny card gives to your Nintendo console. Many consumers worry that using the R4i SDHC card during gaming will create lag during the process, but it’s actually the exact opposite. The card will smooth frame-rate and give the game’s overall experience a slight boost.

Gamer or No-Gamer

After learning about all these powerful benefits and features of the R4 Card, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need one to truly enjoy the full experience offered through the DS. Whether or not you’re into the gaming scene, the R4i SDHC Dsi is great for various applications on other devices including the PC, phones, and cameras. Most have an access port where the card can be inserted and the GUI will pop up with the options, depending on what console you’re using it with.

You’ll find a great inventory for the R4 card on the internet. The best place to look is R4i SDHC, where you’ll find comprehensive lists including brands, makes, and models for the card you want.

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