Five Exclusive Reasons To Buy R4i SDHC

There is no doubt that Nintendo DS and it’s all new and old versions have taken the gaming experience to the height of new levels. No gaming console has done so much progress and remained popular among the masses as Nintendo DS.

Similarly, the storage cards and other accessories built for Nintendo DS did not stop evolving as well. Among all those cards, R4i SDHC Dsi stands tall in its own league because of its distinctive features and abilities that put it far ahead from the other console cards. So, what makes it different? And why should you buy this card? Here are the four reasons that are enough to convince a Nintendo DS lover to opt for this card:

(A) Memory

The Micro SD cards give you a huge storage capacity up to 8 Gb. Thus, you can carry as much data as you want in your card. You are not limited to save the game data either; hence you can save media files, documents, pictures, even movies, etc.

Some of the people argue that it may slow down the console, but this is absolutely wrong. The first crop of these cards was slow, but they improved the technology instantly and manufactured it with keeping in mind its load time and all the other known issues. At last, they come up with the perfect model that provides high memory space without compromising on the speed of the console.

(B) Games

With the latest R4i SDHC cards, you can save and carry as many games as your card can hold. There is no need to carry multiple gaming cartridges on the move, hence these cards have this ability to carry multiple games altogether. You can simply plug in the SD card into your computer or laptop and then transfer the games accordingly, as easy as that.

(C) Entertainment

Gone are the days when DS cards and Nintendo gaming console was meant to play games only. Now, you can put movies, music, portable books, or any entertainment feature along with you on the move. Thus, just put in the music and you will have an amazing experience of music just like an IPod, put in some movies and you can watch movies even during your bus ride. Haven’t prepared for the exam? You can read your work during your class break. Hence, when you buy these R4 cards, you are getting an all in one solution for all of your entertainment needs.

(D) Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility issues, SDHC leaves all of those far behind. It is the only DS card right now that has the compatibility with even those of old version of Nintendo DS consoles. Thus, it does no matter if you own the latest console right now, all you need to buy this card and start taking its advantages to the fullest.

(E) Cost

When you compare cost against it features, there is no comparison at all. These cards are as low cost as they possibly can, but provide astonishing features for its cost. Hence, when you buy this card, you are certainly getting the best value for your money.

Thus, these reasons show that how far ahead this card is in terms of features from all the other DS cards and a must buy card for all the Nintendo DS gaming console lovers.

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